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Noughty Rouge Dealcoholized Syrah

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0.5% ABV


Deliciously well-balanced red wine that is deep ruby red in colour with hints of ripe red fruit, crushed black pepper, dried rose petal and candied cherries integrated with French oak tannins.

Produced with Syrah grapes from dryland farmed vineyards in Darling, South Africa. The grapes are grown in strategically selected sites, which get the warm sunny and cooling effect of the Atlantic Ocean.  Deep soils from decomposed granite and rich clay help to provide good drainage.

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Region: Grapes grown in Darling, South Africa, Dealcoholization in Germany

Varietal: Syrah

Winemaking: Dealcoholized to 0.5% using a gently spun cone technology under vacuum and at low temperature to ensure that the wine retains its distinctive body, colour and flavour.

Nutrition + Dietary Information

Residual Sugar: 2.5

Gluten Free: Yes

Kcal: 14 Kcal / 100 ml



Additional Info: Contains less than 150mg per litre of sulphites