who is soft crush?

We are a group of sober curious and dry-minded individuals, that saw a gap in the market for no and low alcohol drinks. We went on a search for the best of the best, and were surprised with how many awesome dry drinks we found. There is definitely more to explore than we could easily find, so we made it our mission to make sure access was never the problem.


Sophisticated no-alcohol and low-alcohol (no/low) options have never been more in demand, as people increasingly embrace the sober-curious, moderation, and health-conscious trends. They’re searching out beverage alternatives for a host of reasons whether it’s health, personal, or faith-related, and they don’t want to compromise on experience or great taste.

Young and old, fit and foodies, high-performance and hedonist; we all still want to share a round of drinks with friends, just without the side effects that come from alcohol... because let’s be honest no one likes a hangover.

Our portfolio of brands and products provide you with the refined options you’re craving. No matter what your reasons.

what does no/low mean?

There are different ways of producing non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beverages. And there are also different standards that need to be met when labeling no/low drinks. 

  • 0% are products that may have contained alcohol at some point during the production, but the finished product is alcohol free.
  • Low alcohol can range from 0.1% to 0.5%. These products contain 'trace' amounts of alcohol that will not cause impairment. This category is not suitable for people who require no alcohol.