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Leitz Eins-Zwei-Zero Sparkling Riesling

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0.0% ABV


The EINS-ZWEI-ZERO Sparkling offers a fine interplay of crisp apples and fine bubbles with well-integrated acidity and a long lasting freshness. It is ideal as an aperitif and shines all year round as an alcohol-free companion for every festive occasion.

The Eins Zwei Zero wines are for people who are seeking an alcohol-free alternative, who appreciate the taste and complexity of wine. Made with the same grapes that go into their other award-winning Rieslings and Pinot Noirs, the fully fermented wines then are de-alcoholised through a low temperature vacuum distillation process that leaves full flavour and complexity intact.

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Region: Rüdesheim, Germany

Varietal: Riesling

Winemaking: Made from Sustainably grown Riesling grapes. The juice is fermented and rests for a period in stainless steel. Before bottling, to remove the alcohol from the wine, a gentle vacuum distillation has been used, in order to preserve the natural grape flavours. This method extracts alcohol under extremely low pressure and temperature (around 30°C). No flavours will be lost through the treatment of the wine through the dealcoholisation process.

Nutrition + Dietary Information

Residual Sugar: 3.9

Gluten Free:

Kcal: 25 Kcal / 100 ml



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