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Leitz Zero Point Five Pinot Noir

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0.5% ABV


An (almost) real red wine experience without the alcohol. Intense red berry fruit rises from the glass and offers juicy cherry aromas on the palate. A very harmonious red wine alternative with nuances of currants that does not immediately reveal that 99.5% the alcohol is missing!

In 2007 the ‘Eins Zwei Zero’ label of zero alcohol wine was created to offer the best quality wines possible for those who don’t want to consume alcohol but still want to enjoy a glass of wine. The wine is de-alcoholized via vacuum distillation, which removes the alcohol under extremely low pressure and temperature, thereby preserving the nuances of aroma and flavor.

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Region: Rüdesheim, Germany

Varietal: Pinot Noir

Winemaking: Made from Sustainably grown Pinot Noir grapes. The juice is fermented and rests for a period in stainless steel. Before bottling, to remove the alcohol from the wine, a gentle vacuum distillation has been used, in order to preserve the natural grape flavours. This method extracts alcohol under extremely low pressure and temperature (around 30°C). No flavours will be lost through the treatment of the wine through the dealcoholisation process.

Nutrition + Dietary Information

Residual Sugar: 4.6

Gluten Free: Yes



Vegan: Yes

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