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Benjamin Bridge

Benjamin Bridge Piquette Zero

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0.0% ABV


Piquette Zero is a lively and delicious alcohol-free wine-style beverage. With Alcohol 0% by volume, it offers a creative and unprecedented craft option to industrially dealcoholized wines that are so often stripped of their character.

Not identical to wine, this new sensory experience is to be discovered for its own unique deliciousness with zesty suggestions of bergamot, key lime, yuzu, blood orange peel, and lemon preserve.

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Region: Nova Scotia

Varietal: Chardonnay

Winemaking: Instead of relying upon the forceful removal of alcohol, we tapped into the knowledge gained from making our artisan light wine refreshers: Piquette and Pink Piquette, which feature a naturally reduced alcohol content without compromising on quality or aromatics. With strong insights into the power of grape skins in providing the structure and aromatics in these low-alcohol wines, we applied these principles in making our new alcohol-free Piquette Zero.

Nutrition + Dietary Information

Residual Sugar: 0.0

Gluten Free: Yes



Vegan: Yes

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