0% Negroni Sbagliato ... with bubbles

0% Negroni Sbagliato ... with bubbles

Ya, you heard us... you don't need the 'kick' to enjoy the trending negroni recipe. And we are 'sorry, not sorry' if you have that audio stuck on repeat in your head. If you are going to say it, you might as well drink it, the negroni sbagliato with bubbles.

What you need:

  • Undone Not Red Vermouth (1 oz)
  • Undone Not Orange Bitter (1 oz)
  • Sparkling of choice, try Oddbird Blanc de Blancs (3 oz)
  • Optional, garnish with orange round

What you do

  • Place ice to glass of choice
  • Add ingredients, stir
  • Delicately place orange
  • Sip, repeat "Oh, stunning"