Gismondi on Leitz

Gismondi on Leitz


Good things come in groups, right? Well, there is nothing better than this group of stellar reviews from Anthony Gismondi on Leitz's non-alcoholic wines!

Did you doubt that alcohol-free wines could compare to the 'real deal'? If so, take a gander at the rave reviews that Gismondi gave Leitz. We are proud to offer only the best of the best, no need to compromise on flavour if you are enjoying alcohol free.

...It’s fresh and bright and full of lime, green apples and, dare I say, a hint of minerality. He created the ‘Eins Zwei Zero’ label to offer the best quality wines possible for those who don’t want to consume alcohol, and this bottle is a winner. The finish is off-dry, leaving it a fun summer sipper or something you could serve with spicy bites...  - Gismondi, Dec 17, 2021
...Strawberry, grapefruit, apple, and slightly tart flavours mark this wine, along with a genuinely easy-sipping style where the bright acidity works to lessen the residual sugar effect, especially in the finish. Light and airy, it is a fine introduction to non-alcohol rosé... - Gismondi, Dec 17, 2021
...In the case of the pinot noir, the colour is dark-ish, the flavours are light but in concert with a trademark juicy palate of cherry and berry... - Gismondi, Dec 17, 2021

...It’s the perfect mix of juicy, crisp green apple drizzled in citrus and a reasonably light, mousse. Hard to find anything to complain about with this offering if no alcohol is in the equation... - Gismondi, Dec 17, 2021

...Like the entire lineup, the wine opens fresh and fragrant with a modicum of mousse, and light strawberries, raspberry with grapefruit highlights and a mineral undercurrent. The bubbles tend to balance the residual sugar, leaving the finish off-dry and relatively long for non-alcoholic wine... - Gismondi, Dec 17, 2021